Our generation is getting smarter in every way of life. So why drive the old concept of the cars when we can build the new one. LOVE GRAPH for the cars will always be on the rise. With the LEVEL 5 concept of AUTONOMOUS cars by BMW, this will reach the pinnacle in the autonomous industry.

The logo of BMW is seen during the 87th International Motor Show at Palexpo in Geneva
The logo of BMW is seen during the 87th International Motor Show at Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland March 8, 2017. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

BMW’S senior wise president for autonomous driving ELMAR FRICKENSTEIN said that “We are on the way to deliver a car in 2021 with LEVEL 5, or LEVEL 4” adding that “the vehicle will have a different level of autonomous, depending on how and where it is used.

EACH level has its won significance:

LEVEL 5 vehicles will be driverless also having no inputs like STEERING WHEEL and GEAR. IT will navigate its way through radars and sensors.

At LEVEL 4, it still needs a steering wheel and a driver who can take over if the car encounters a problem.

At LEVEL  3 cars will be driverless but can only operate in selected areas.  As most of the autonomous companies are working for the same level of technology.  We can surely plan for having a new generation of cars in no time.


BMW is in partnership with Intel and MOBILE EYE.  This partnership creates another new level in the industry and we can’t wait to feel it.


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